Who am I?

Web Developer

I'm a full-stack web developer who has a passion for good products. I can work on any part of the stack.

Programming Teacher

I teach beginners the basics of programming in Koodimentori mentoring program and workshops like Rails Girls and Boost Summer of Programming.

Tech Community Enthusiast

I love building tech communities, helping developers share and learn and helping companies find new talent. I founded Turku ❤️ Frontend and grew it to a community of 400+ devs, designers and students.

End-to-End Problem Solver

I solve problems. And I do it reliably, independently and end-to-end - I don't need hand-holding. Instead of sitting and complaining, I actively seek out solutions to things and am good at thinking on my feet.

Board Game Geek

I love games. Pokemon TCG is my current number one choice but I enjoy playing all sorts of board games with my friends.

The Real Me

Wanna see beyond the portfolio?

I love books, talks and gadgets.

What I've done?

Twitch Streamer

2018 ->

Since October 2018, I've been streaming open source software development and educational content on Twitch.

Public speaking

2013 ->

I give tech talks, talk about dreams, host workshops and participate in lots of other venues to inspire and teach.

You can find list of my most recent highlights from about page



CVilio is a simple SMS interface to your resume. I built it in one Saturday afternoon (including writing the tutorial) because I wanted to learn how to use Twilio myself.

It contains a JSON data storage for CV and allows people to query for experience and references from the CV using text messages sent to Twilio attached phone number.

Turku Frontend


Turku Frontend is a community of top frontend developers and designers in Turku area. Founded in December 2015, we are the biggest and most active tech meetup in Turku.

We organize monthly meetups, hackathons, conferences, Code in the Dark competitions, community get-togethers and campaigns like Turku Gives Back.

Buffer Slack


Between August 2017 and February 2018 I was a Community Host in Buffer's global Slack community for social media marketers and still continue being an active member of the community.

We have weekly activities in the community such as #bufferchat in Twitter, Community Mastermind discussion and weekly goal setting and reflection.

Our Slack community is warm, supportive, positive, smart, and emoji-friendly. :) It's a space for people bound by a common interest in social media -- marketers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and more!

Turku Gives Back


Modern software development couldn't be what it is now without open source software. Now it's time to give back to the community and help the people and projects that help you build your business!

Turku Gives Back challenged local software companies to spend half a day on February 2nd 2018 to contribute to open source in the spirit of Github's Open Source Friday.

16 companies and some individuals joined the pilot campaign on February 2018 contributing to multiple open source projects.



Koodimentori is a pro bono program designed to help beginners and junior level developers to learn new technologies and improve their coding.

I ran a batch with three mentees during fall of 2017 and spring of 2018. In our monthly mentoring sessions we looked at code, solved problems and studied basic concepts.

After teaching programming (and organizing events for) 500+ students in University of Turku as well as workshops such as Rails Girls, mehackit or Boost Summer of Programming, I wanted to provide the opportunity of highly customized 1on1 mentoring program to few selected people in the local community.


2017 ->

Proxymon is a web app that converts Pokemon TCG Online deck lists into printable proxies for quick play testing and iterating before buying the cards.

The current version is built with Python/Flask and uses PokemonTCG API.

Currently I'm also working on the next version with Vue.js and Django Rest Framework featuring a built-in deck builder.

Startup Journey


Startup Journey is Boost Turku's award-winning accelerator program for early stage startups. During a 10-week intensive program, teams get personalized business coaching from the best coaches in Finland.

I co-ran the program during summer 2016 and was the lead organizer during 2017.

Rails Girls

2013 ->

Since Nov 2013 I've been organizing and coaching in Rails Girls workshops in Helsinki, Turku, Jyväskylä, Salo and San Francisco.

Two-day workshops provide women with zero previous experience a kickstart to learn web development and helps them understand the Internet, software development and technology in general.

Boost Summer of Programming


2016: 12-week program teaching the basics of frontend web development with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Partnership with CodeSchool to provide our selected 25 students and 7 coaches materials to use in addition to lectures and coaching.

2017: 5 sessions of lectures and coaching for 100+ participants teaching the basics of frontend web development with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Boost Dropout Academy


Boost Dropout Academy was a peer-to-peer workshops series organized three times (spring 2016, fall 2016, spring 2017) at Boost Turku.

In BDA workshops topics covered skills needed in modern day workforce and being an entrepreneur like pitching, prototyping, crowdfunding, project management and graphic design.