Juha-Matti Santala

Developer. Dreamer. Adventurer.

Project highlights

Alfred 3 Workflow for Pokemon TCG


As a big fan of productivity tools, Alfred is a huge favorite of mine. One weekend I figured I should learn how to build my own workflows and I started by building a workflow to search for Pokemon TCG card information.

User of the workflow can search by a phrase and the software displays card name, set name & number as well as the basic information about the card. Clicking an item directs to a card specific page on your browser.

Pkmncards Alfred Workflow is built as a script filter using Python (with BeautifulSoup) using the search function of pkmncards.


web app, programming

Proxymon is a web app that converts Pokemon TCG Online deck lists into printable proxies for quick play testing and iterating before buying the cards.

Proxymon is built with Python/Flask and it uses PokemonTCG.io API for the cards.

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  • Meetup Turku

    web app, programming

    As the amount of tech meetups in Turku exploded in 2016, I decided to build a site that would show the next event for each meetup.

    Meetup Turku uses Facebook, Meetup.com and Meetabit APIs to fetch the event data and displays them on the website that runs on Python/Flask.

    The site is still in early beta and there will be a lot of improvements for the functionality, stability and UI.

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  • Turku ❤ Frontend

    community, meetup

    Turku ❤ Frontend is a community for frontend developers in Turku. We started in December 2015 and have since run monthly meetups, have 250+ people in the community and have brought together developers, software companies and IT students in Turku.

    Turku ❤ Frontend is built with love, passion and desire to create a place for developers to learn and network.

    Thanks to our supporters Poutapilvi, Anders, Sofokus, Vaadin, ATR Soft, Lyyti, Walkbase, Taiste & Wunder.

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  • Startup Journey

    community, accelerator

    Startup Journey is an award-winning* accelerator program ran by Boost Turku ry

    2016 I co-ran the accelerator with Leo Kadieff helping 11 pre-seed startups get their business going. 2017 I'm the lead organizer teaming up with Anssi Ketopaikka to boost the program to even another level.

    With 30+ amazing coaches helping young entrepreneurs during the summer, weekly community BBQ events, hours and hours of hard work and a majestic climax - the Demo Day - Startup Journey is an experience not to forget.

    * Best Accelerator in Finland, Nordic Startup Awards, 2015

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  • Rails Girls

    community, workshop

    Since Nov 2013 I've been organizing and coaching in Rails Girls workshops in Helsinki, Turku, Jyväskylä, Salo and San Francisco.

    Two-day workshops provide women with zero previous experience a kickstart to learn web development and helps them understand the Internet, software development and technology in general.

    NottinghamBot - IRC Bot


    In the early days of my university studies, I built an IRC bot to take care of our student group's needs.

    NottinghamBot's main features are admin management, automatic URL titles, Steam search and local student restaurant menus.

    NottinghamBot has been in active daily use since summer of 2012.

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