CVilio is a simple SMS interface to your resume. I built it in one Saturday afternoon (including writing the tutorial) because I wanted to learn how to use Twilio myself.

It contains a JSON data storage for CV and allows people to query for experience and references from the CV using text messages sent to Twilio attached phone number.

Building mobile app prototypes with Keynote

In my work I constantly meet young entrepreneurs with a business background and an idea for a mobile app. Often people are looking for a programmer to build their idea into reality but don’t know when to start. Here’s a quick guide to getting started with your idea with zero programming using tools that almost everyone is familiar.

Keynote (and Powerpoint) allows us to link different objects inside slides to link to another slides. We are going to use this feature to build a click-through mobile app prototype that can be as crude or detailed as you wish.

Keynote is really good as the first step. When you get further in the development, you might want to start using some apps specifically built for mobile app prototyping such as Invision or However, jumping straight into these tools usually makes you think too much about details that are not meaningful in the beginning.