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Contemporary Documentation


"Why did they do this?" is a thought many of us have faced when looking at an older codebase. Documentation in forms of code comments, readmes and API specs are kept up to date so they cannot answer questions of old. But not all hope is lost: with good quality issues, pull requests & code reviews and git commit messages you can gain perspective into the time when those decisions were made.

In this talk I will walk through how aforementioned ways function as contemporary documentation and how to write good issues, pull requests, review comments and git commit messages to provide answers to why.



You can find the slides from my latest presentation on this topic from here.

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    • Sep 5, 2019: TampereJS
    • Sep 6, 2019: Futurice Tech Weeklies
    • Sep 15, 2019: podcast (Finnish)
    • Sep 24, 2019: HelsinkiJS
    • Oct 3, 2019: PyCon Estonia
    • Mar 26, 2020: WFH Conf