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Contemporary Documentation


Teams change often. People leave and people join. In addition to those changes, we tend to forget what we were thinking. That's why it's a good practice to document those thoughts, discussions and decisions into a format that doesn't lose them.

In this talk I explore ways to use tools and processes you might be familiar with - version control and project management tools - to help you document the motivation, thoughts and intents behind changes when they happen. You'll get practical tips that you can take back to your work the next day.



You can find the slides from my latest presentation on this topic from here.

What people said about it

I really liked the talk and it's great to see the git commit messages getting better and better in our team as more people have seen it.



    • Sep 5, 2019: TampereJS
    • Sep 6, 2019: Futurice Tech Weeklies
    • Sep 15, 2019: podcast (Finnish)
    • Sep 24, 2019: HelsinkiJS
    • Oct 3, 2019: PyCon Estonia
    • Mar 26, 2020: WFH Conf
    • Sep 25, 2020: Django Day Copenhagen
    • Nov 10, 2020: sthlm.js
    • Mar 10, 2021: PyAmsterdam