There are many stories. This one is mine...

International Conference Speaker

I love sharing what I do and what I've learned, whether it's about technology or communities. Speaking in meetups and conferences is my favorite way of doing that since I can combine sharing stuff, learning stuff and meeting amazing people.

So far I have spoken in PyCon conferences due to my love for the Python language but most of my talks are not language specific so I would love to talk in larger variety of conferences in the future as well.

Youtube & Twitch: Juhis Talks Tech

In the fall of 2018 I started experimenting with streaming software development on Twitch. It was a great experience and this fall, I'm back with more.

Starting in September 28th at I will be streaming a series of sessions where using Django and React, we're gonna build a full-stack web application to manage personal expenses.

I also started a Youtube channel, Juhis Talks Tech where I'll post videos about software development.

Turku ❤️ Frontend

Over 3 years ago, I set up for an adventure: I launched Turku ❤️ Frontend (pronounced Turku Loves Frontend) in a city where there was no developer culture.

Ever since, we've grown into a welcoming community of over 400 developers, designers and students in the Turku area – making us the largest and most active meetup in the region.

Monthly meetups, hackathons, happy hours, Code in the Dark tournaments and open source promotion campaigns, we've established our place in the Turku tech scene. A scene that has been rapidly growing and attracting new companies to open offices in Turku ever since we started.

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Talk: Communities in Marketing

I love sharing what I have learned from building products, communities and events. I gave this talk on the eve of my 30th birthday at Fraktio's Perjantaipresis event. Despite the text in thumbnail being in Finnish, the talk is in English.

For those, you who don't have time to watch 40 minutes of talk, I also wrote a blog post that summarizes the learnings.

If your company needs help in building a meaningful community to strengthen your relationship with your customers, get in touch.

From Finland to Silicon Valley and Back

I've been forged in the hot fires of software development. From fast-growing SaaS startups to Finland's top consultancy, I'm afraid of no challenges.

In 2014, I moved to San Francisco to work at Chartio, a Y Combinator alumni startup, as one of their early employees. Working in a fast-growing startup taught me valuable lessons about customer-centricity and building quality SaaS products.

More recently, I've put those skills in work at Futurice, one of Finland's top software consultancies, working as a full-stack web developer. I build full-feature solutions to demanding clients in healthcare and sport industries.

What people have said about me?

Arielle Tannenbaum
Community Strategist
"I chose him to be one of 10 Hosts in our Slack community of over 4,000 members, and he has constantly impressed me over the past 6 months. He brings warmth to each of his interactions, and is always thoughtfully supporting every member he meets."
Linda Liukas
Rails Girls and Hello Ruby
"In a short time Juhis has become an irreplacable part of the Rails Girls Community. He knows how to steer volunteer excitement into tangible projects, and gets stuff done whatever the size, scope or geographic location of the project. Juhis is very self-driven and understands the dynamics of community management well."
Konsta Weber
Boost Turku
"Juha-Matti really manages the community with all the sides necessary, attracting new members, getting the actives to commit more and helping our startups fly. His shift from an engineer to the community side is visible in his ability to communicate to tech people."

Let's Get In Touch!

Send me an email at and let's talk about how I can help you reach your users, understand their needs and desires and build more meaningful relationship with your community.

And if you're interested in learning more about community building and technology, I share my learnings openly in Twitter and in my blog.