Dream Workshop

2.5 to 3 hours · 4 to 100 people · people who wants to achieve dreams

A workshop that helps the participants to recognize their skills and build an action plan to reach their wildest dreams.

The workshop consists of an inspirational introduction, a couple of warm-up exercises done in pairs, a canvas for finding your passion and a canvas for building action plan to reach your dreams.

It is based on a workshop hosted by Meri Saarivirta with Startup Sisters in 2013. Participating in that workshop helped me reach my goals and I wanted to start organizing the workshop to enable the same for others.

"I really loved this workshop. You got me thinking about stuff from new perspective." - participant in OuluES Human Accelerator, 2018
"I was little scared to join since I had never tried a workshop about setting goals and dreams. But today was different and I had a lovely experience. I finally have my steps to achieve a goal." - participant in OuluES Human Accelerator, 2018