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🍿 Prevent iTunes from opening with noTunes

Snacks (🍿) are my collection of recipes for solving problems. Often recorded (and cleaned up) from actual discussions where I'm involved in helping others with technical problems. Not all solutions are mine but I started collecting them in one place because you never know when you need one.

Open nothing

noTunes is a macOS application that will prevent iTunes or Apple Music from launching.

Simply launch the noTunes app and iTunes/Music will no longer be able to launch. For example, when bluetooth headphones reconnect.


Open a different app

Set replacement for iTunes / Apple Music

Replace YOUR_MUSIC_APP with the name of your music app in the following command.

defaults write digital.twisted.noTunes replacement /Applications/YOUR_MUSIC_APP.app

Then /Applications/YOUR_MUSIC_APP.app will launch when iTunes/Music attempts to launch.

This can be used to open a website too, for example, YouTube Music.

defaults write digital.twisted.noTunes replacement https://music.youtube.com/

The following command will disable the replacement.

defaults delete digital.twisted.noTunes replacement