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Week 01 of 2022

Weeklies are my notes of things not big enough for a blog post but worthy of being mentioned and linked to. Find all of my Weeklies at /weeklies.

  • How to Be Great? Just Be Good, Repeatably

    Oskar shared this on his Twitter at the start of the year and while I don't agree some of the stuff (especially some of the quotes that reek hard survivorship bias), it's a great reminder of the importance of compounding returns and focusing on honing the process over an individual outcome. I've been really struggling with this throughout my life but especially during the pandemic when it feels like I'm not making any positive progress and don't even have the ability right now to do anything about it. Being on a plateau of progress feels like such a defeat, even though it's inevitable.

  • Etherea Magazine - Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy

    Since last fall, I've been a subscriber to Etherea Magazine. I ran into it in Imgur and since I don't really have the focus these days to read full-length books, Etherea's short-story format has been incredible. It's perfect for reading while commute, drinking morning coffee or taking a short break at work. My favorite story so far is from the first issue (August 2020). It's written by Alexander Funk and it's called Inheritance. Highly recommend checking it out.

  • I Literally Just Told You

    I'm a huge fan of British comedy and game shows and Jimmy Carr hosts the new I Literally Just Told You game show all about paying attention and remembering what's happening. So far, there's been 4 episodes and each on has been very uniquely different: first one being a rather serious quiz game, second one being so hilarious and fun and third being a celebrity episode with such an awesome panel. Fourth one was back to more serious but a really high quality quizzing with a great storyline. I wish they will direct it more towards the funny side in the future since that just works so much better.

  • Coworking With a Friend to Write More

    Accountability buddies are a fantastic idea and something I'd like to explore more to bring more structure to my writing process and also for more than writing. However, that has to wait for better times so I'm keeping this article as a reminder for myself to set something like this up when I'm less burnt out. Currently my blog writing is often "I'll write something on the last night before Wednesday" and I'd like to bring more pre-planning and organization back into my process.