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Week 03 of 2022

Weeklies are my notes of things not big enough for a blog post but worthy of being mentioned and linked to. Find all of my Weeklies at /weeklies.

  • @devdevcharlie's post in Twitter

    Charlie Gerard built a nice looking prototype plugin for creating UI's in Figma by moving your hands. With the advancement in web cams and motion tracking software, we're getting closer to the scifi style interfaces we've seen in movies like Minority Report and Iron Man. I love seeing these kind of projects people build 😍.

  • Your Idea Is Brilliant, Your Idea Is Worthless (KS Lesson #204)

    I really loved how this blog post frames the old wisdom of "your ideas are not valuable, execution is" by reminding the reader that even though the ideas alone are not worth a penny, they are still required and people shouldn't stop coming up with ideas because behind every great execution, there's an idea that sparked somewhere. Even thought this blog post is on a board game blog, the content applies to any sort of product or business idea. One thing it's missing that I think is crucial: It's possible someone might steal your idea but you lose more by not sharing and getting feedback and testing your idea/product/service than you would save from keeping it secret.