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Week 16 of 2022

Weeklies are my notes of things not big enough for a blog post but worthy of being mentioned and linked to. Find all of my Weeklies at /weeklies.

  • Having an open dialog by Scott O'Hara

    Scott wrote an update to his older piece into the new

    element that got shipped in Chrome and Firefox this spring. It offers a native, non-Javascript way to add dialog modals.

  • The Future of CSS: CSS Toggles by Bramus van Damme

    CSS Toggles is still a very early idea, an Unofficial Draft, that introduces an idea of toggleable state in pure-CSS for things like light/dark mode or opening/closing menus. You can find more about it in the explainer by the authors of the draft.

  • Things experienced speakers wish they'd known by Sophie Koonin

    As an avid meetup & conference speaker, I'm always excited to learn what other people in the industry are experiencing and thinking. And I get asked these types of questions quite often and I try to collect a collection of pieces written by other people since my own experience and advice is mostly "I dunno, I just do stuff and sometimes it works". I did write one blog post myself sharing tips for online talks.

  • Understanding Decorators in Python by Bas Steins

    Python's decorators are a powerful feature in the language that let's you create functions that are run for functions that are decorated with that function. Bas does a great job not only explaining what they are and how they work but also gives really good practical examples.

  • Python f-strings

    fstring.help is a cookbook style collection of examples of how to use f-string notation in Python. Built on top of Jupyter Notebook as a single-page documentation it is easy to read and browse so you can find your own use case without having to navigate and guess.

  • Koodiklinikka's community favorite VS Code extensions

    We had a discussion about VS Code extension in Koodiklinikka's Slack (a Finnish community for software developers) and we collected people's recommendations into one page.