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Week 28 of 2022

Weeklies are my notes of things not big enough for a blog post but worthy of being mentioned and linked to. Find all of my Weeklies at /weeklies.

  • Library JSON - A Proposal for a Decentralized Goodreads by Tom Critchlow

    More and more recently I've been diving into the idea of "indieweb" while my dislike towards social media platforms and attention economy has been growing. This two-year old post (with really great cross-links to other discussion) popped into my radar this week and while I'm not really that interested in tracking my reading (I did use Goodreads for a bit but never actively enough), I loved reading through all the discussion on how to build and roll out these kind of projects.

  • Two By Two: A Reading List of Books That Belong Together by Ian Williams

    I found this from Linda Liukas' great newsletter. I really like the idea of pairs of books that go well together. I've been trying to read more lately, especially now that I don't have full mobile internet access. Exploring new books, authors and genres through recommendations from others is a great way to expand what I read. Currently I'm still reading through books from the scifi book recommendation list I shared earlier in my blog.

  • npm audit: Broken by Design by Dan Abramov

    A discussions about npm audit popped up in one of our developer communities and this article was shared there. It's a great modern tale of the boy who cried wolf: when there are too many irrelevant or low consequence warnings, it's easy for us to start ignoring them completely which can lead to real problems sneaking in unnoticed.

  • Learning to say "I don't know" by Jack Franklin

    So many things get better once you get comfortable with the idea that nobody knows everything and that we'd be better off as a community and as a society, if we'd be more open to admitting when we don't know something. This personal story by Jack is a good story for that. I personally took it a step further and kinda made my career about not knowing stuff. By building communities, I surround myself with people who do know stuff and who are passionate about their things. By getting to know them and providing them a platform to learn from each other, I don't need to know much – just need to know who knows and is eager to share.