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Week 07 of 2023

Weeklies are my notes of things not big enough for a blog post but worthy of being mentioned and linked to. Find all of my Weeklies at /weeklies.

  • WRIGHT ONA PLANE in Youtube

    I ran into this Youtube channel through a recommendation and have been vibing to their playlists at home. Great playlists for chill background music while working or having a party at home. My favorite so far is the Bathtub Citypop playlist.

  • Discovering new ways of creating modern green code at the Advent of Code by Otto Salminen

    Otto did a nice write-up of Gofore's internal community of Advent of Code solvers at their company and what kind of discussions popped up during the month.

  • When you’re a manager, your behavior is under a microscope by Jacob Kaplan-Moss

    Jacob has a great post about the dynamics between a manager and a team member and especially of the dreaded "Do you have a minute?"/vague meeting invite. I'm one of those people who interpret "Can we talk?" as "It's time to start polishing your CV". Once in a job, during a bit of global economical downturn, there was an invite to a company-wide info session for the next week with a "guess what it's about" Google form that caused quite a lot of discussion between people dreading for layoffs.

  • Building an e-ink weather display for our home by Kimmo Brunfelt

    I recently moved to a new apartment and started thinking about a good setup for a bus schedule display for the nearby stop. A friend linked to this post as inspiration and I really love these kind of project stories and showcases. e-ink display with raspberry pi to display weather data in an IKEA photo frame? That's rad!

  • 13 tips and techniques for modern Flask apps by Philip Jones

    Philip wrote a great post about a few nice ways to make your Flask code better using modern workflows and conventions.