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Week 43 of 2023

Weeklies are my notes of things not big enough for a blog post but worthy of being mentioned and linked to. Find all of my Weeklies at /weeklies.

  • Writing for technical and business audiences

    Good tips for how to write effectively, especially in work context (memos, email etc)

  • Coworking With a Friend to Write More

    I was inspired by this co-writing concept that Jacob and Sumana write about.

  • Write commit messages with the future in mind

    German Valesco has a great template for writing good commit messages and shares a few tips for why and how.

  • Pull Requests and Code Review

    A free, small book(let) about pull requests with very practical and concise points is a worthy read for everyone who uses code reviews in their software development process.

  • Local conferences: Big potential!

    Benjamin Balder Bach, a main organizer of the great Django Day Copenhagen conferences wrote about the value of small local conferences. These 1-day conferences that mainly bring in local crowd with maybe some international speakers are great for keeping the local community active and are more ecological than big international conferences.