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Week 20 of 2024

Weeklies are my notes of things not big enough for a blog post but worthy of being mentioned and linked to. Find all of my Weeklies at /weeklies.

  • Get Yourself a /dev/lunch

    I’ll +1 this post from Gavin. I used to run Helsinki Dev Lunch and have always loved having lunches with developers wherever I go - but it’s even better when done regularly and locally.

  • Learning Go: Day Fourteen

    Lewis has taken part in WeblogPoMo 2024 with a series of daily posts about learning Golang and it’s been a delight to follow.

  • We Are the Curators of the Web

    Barry writes about the trend of companies pushing AI to everything and how we can combat that by curating the web and linking to others.

  • One Minute Park

    Wanna touch grass but outside is too far away? One Minute Park brings you 60 second videos from parks around the world – a new park on every refresh.

  • State of HTML 2023

    The most recent State of HTML survey results arrived!

  • Liikennematto devlog #5: renovation and release

    Matias’ Liikennematto project has been a delight to follow through his devlogs. He published his fifth one this week, wrapping up what’s happened in development so far and talking about the alpha release.

  • What people wish they knew before becoming involved in OSS

    Marijke gathered replies from open source contributors asking them a question: “What did you wish you knew when you started contributing?”

  • GMTK: The 100 Games That Taught Me Game Design

    Game Maker’s Toolkit dropped a massive 2hr video discussing a whopping 100 games and something unique in them in terms of game design. It’s a wonderful video to learn about game design but also one that can make you want to buy a ton of new games so wallets beware.