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Week 23 of 2024

Weeklies are my notes of things not big enough for a blog post but worthy of being mentioned and linked to. Find all of my Weeklies at /weeklies.

  • One Mistake I Made When Learning A New Programming Language

    Yordi talks about the difference of learning something practical – in this case a new programming language – “just in case” up front or “just in time” when needed.

  • Level up your Tailwind game

    Lucia dropped a great Tailwind CSS piece this week, I highly recommend reading it if you’re doing anything frontend related.

  • I don’t know how to solve prompt injection

    An LLM version of the classic xkcd comic about Little Bobby Tables sparked discussion about prompt injections and a colleague sent me this piece by Simon about how it’s a difficult thing to protect against when there’s no clear syntax and anyone who can make a sentence in human language has potential to break it.

  • Engineering for Slow Internet

    What is it like to use the Internet in the Antarctica where the bandwidth is slow and limited?

  • UFO Sweden (2022)

    UFO Sweden is a great Swedish scifi movie about a teenage girl who is seeking to find his father who she believes was abducted by aliens.