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Week 24 of 2024

Weeklies are my notes of things not big enough for a blog post but worthy of being mentioned and linked to. Find all of my Weeklies at /weeklies.

  • Home-Cooked Software and Barefoot Developers

    Maggie explores how the landscape of language models are making building small, personal applications with very specialised needs easier and more accessible to a large group of people.

  • What Emacs got right, or how I wish modern apps were more like a 50 year old text editor

    Emacs’ architecture where everything is a command is something modern applications should be inspired by, says Daniel de Haas.

  • How to burn out at conferences

    Daniel wrote a good 3-part post series about managing your pace during conferences. It’s tempting to go all out and participate in everything and then be super tired at the end of the week.

    As I was reading this on Monday morning and looking my own calendar for the week with Future Frontend, I figured I need to add some downtime between the work, conference activities and local community events.