Validate Your Idea with a Quick Prototype

3 hours · 4 to 20 people · early stage startup founders

A workshop to help early stage (pre product-market fit) startups and entrepreneurs to work on their plan of prototyping to reach customers faster and validate the idea with minimal effort.

The workshop can be customized depending on how far the participating entrepreneurs are with their idea. I have exercises for looking into existing services and reducing them down to bare minimum viable product as well as exercises for making actionable plans and roadmaps for your business.

"Your speech was motivational, just like watching TED talks" - participant from Hatch Incubator, 2018
"The workshop Juhis gave to Hatch Incubator attendees was world class. He has deep understanding of the subject and his knowledge of prototyping compliments his MVP lecture." - Suvi Lehtonen, Chairman of LaureaES, 2018