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Humane Tech Guides

There are so many things you could learn in the world of software development. In addition to sharing shorter posts on my blog, I write Humane Tech Guides that aim to help developers to gain a deeper understanding and hands-on skills on their journey in software development.

iMac computer with purple light in the background. Debugging

Humane Guide to Debugging Web Apps

Debugging is a valuable skill for any software developer. This guide will walk you through the fundamentals of debugging as a process and offer tools for frontend developers to debug their Javascript, CSS and API calls.

After reading this guide, you don't have to stare at your code in despair but you will have a way to narrow down the issues and find the real cause making your software misbehave.

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iMac computer with purple light in the background. Humane Guide to Python Errors.

Humane Guide to Python Errors

Python is a very accessible language to new developers: it's easy to read and understand and the community tooling is great. However, its error messages can be difficult to interpret and can cause headaches.

This guide will teach you how to read Python's error messages, what are the most common causes for these issues and how to fix them.

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