I'm an international speaker and workshop host who loves to talk about technology, education and communities โ€” best if they are all combined. If you are interested in having me give a talk or host a workshop, send me an email at juhamattisantala@gmail.com and let's talk!

If I'm joining your event, you can find my info and pictures from my press kit.

My recent talks

Contemporary Documentation

"Why did they do this?" is a thought many of us have faced when looking at an older codebase. Documentation in forms of code comments, readmes and API specs are kept up to date so they cannot answer questions of old. But not all hope is lost: with good quality issues, pull requests & code reviews and git commit messages you can gain perspective into the time when those decisions were made.

In this talk I will walk through how aforementioned ways function as contemporary documentation and how to write good issues, pull requests, review comments and git commit messages to provide answers to why.

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I teach, therefore I learn

There are many ways to improve your skills as a developer. Teaching programming is an awesome but bit under-appreciated one. Becoming a senior developer is about so much more than just technical competency. Itโ€™s about helping others succeed, itโ€™s about becoming a leader and itโ€™s about being a good communicator with users, clients and teammates.

In this talk, I will share how 6+ years of programming teaching has made me a better developer in the core understanding of topics, communication, and perspective as well as reveal all the additional perks of joy, diversity, and making friends.

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The Art of Side Projects

When looking for the first jobs, many people encounter that you should have experience but how do you get experience before you get experience? Building side projects is one way - albeit not the only one - to learn new things, to showcase your skills and to help you get the job in the software industry you're looking for.

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