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I'm an international speaker and workshop host who loves to talk about technology and communities. If you are interested in having me give a talk or host a workshop, send me an email at and let's talk!

If I'm joining your event, you can find my info and pictures from my press kit.

Past talks

Conference talks

"@Hamatti is absolutely amazing on stage, talking about the importance of teaching in the learning process! #pyconcz"

@webKnjaZ (about I teach, therefore I learn talk )

"Juha is a fantastic speaker to work with. I’ve had the pleasure to coordinate the preparation of his talk for PyConCZ and the communication was perfect. He’s a reliable speaker whose talk was very thoughtful, and I can’t wait to see him on another conference."

Daria Grudzien, organizer of PyCon CZ 2019
Title Event Date
The most social and the loneliest job: being a solo developer advocate DevRelCon 08.11.2021
Learning in Public TEDx Kuopio 12.06.2021
Contemporary Documentation Django Day Copenhagen 25.09.2020
Contemporary Documentation WFH Conf 26.03.2020
Panel Discussion: Learning Python Programming PyCon Sweden 01.11.2019
Lightning Talk: Self-Documenting Code PyCon Sweden 30.10.2019
Contemporary Documentation PyCon Estonia 03.10.2019
Lightning Talk: 7 Days to Ostrava PyCon CZ 14.06.2019
I teach, therefore I learn PyCon CZ 14.06.2019
Data Scraping for Beginners PyCon Finland 31.10.2016

Tech meetups

"I really liked the talk and it's great to see the git commit messages getting better and better in our team as more people have seen it."

Jens (about Contemporary Documentation talk )
Title Event Date
Eleventy + Ghost + Netlify Functions – Case Study of Building Personal Website Futurice Tech Weeklies 08.10.2021
Learning Rust – experiences from a Python/Javascript developer Rust Denver 17.06.2021
Contemporary Documentation PyAmsterdam 19.03.2021
Learning in public Futurice Tech Weeklies 05.02.2021
Contemporary Documentation sthlm.js 10.11.2020
Debugging Javascript Digit Koodikerho 26.10.2020
Board games, community and automation with Python Futurice Tech Weeklies 04.09.2020
Debugging Javascript Shortcut 18.08.2020
JS Coding Club Shortcut 04.08.2020
<code>blocks Futurice Tech Weeklies 05.06.2020
Debugging Javascript In Streaming Color 23.05.2020
Debugging Python Python Users Berlin 14.05.2020
Debugging Javascript Munich Frontend Developers 13.05.2020
Self-Documenting Code 25.03.2020
11ty + Ghost: Static Sites with Great Editor UX HelsinkiJS 23.01.2020
Getting rejected from tech conferences Futurice Tech Weeklies 29.11.2019
The Art of Side Projects Kumpulan Potentiaali 14.11.2019
Contemporary Documentation HelsinkiJS 24.09.2019
Testing Javascript Futurice & Atkins: Code & Chill 17.09.2019
Contemporary Documentation Futurice Tech Weeklies 06.09.2019
Contemporary Documentation TampereJS 05.09.2019
The Art of Side Projects codebar Helsinki hackathon 31.08.2019
Self-Documenting Code Futurice Tech Weeklies 19.07.2019
How to create data visualizations that tell a story Papers We Love Berlin 19.06.2019
I teach, therefore I learn Django User Group Berlin 18.06.2019
I teach, therefore I learn Ruby Brigade Helsinki 15.05.2019
I teach, therefore I learn Futurice Tech Weeklies 10.05.2019
Helping FIBA turn 3x3 into an olympic sport TKO-Äly excursion 23.04.2019
What is programming? ClojureBridge 06.04.2019
If it walks like a duck Futurice Tech Weeklies 22.03.2019
Inspiration, Learning and Experimentation in Codepen Turku ❤️ Frontend 12.12.2018
Inspiration, Learning and Experimentation in Codepen HelsinkiJS 21.11.2018
Python FOMO Futurice Tech Weeklies 19.10.2018
Stockholm Syndrome with Vim Futurice Tech Weeklies 06.07.2018
Happy Little Accidents: Debugging Javascript HelsinkiJS 24.04.2018
Happy Little Accidents: Debugging Javascript Turku ❤️ Frontend 14.03.2018
Data Scraping for Beginners Digit Koodikerho 05.04.2017
Data visualization best practices Turku ❤️ Frontend 25.01.2017


"Juha-Matti is not only marvelous speaker, he really knows what he is talking about and is able to deliver it to our listeners in a way that everyone could understand."

Maria Helin, host of Bisnesvallankumous podcast
Podcast Date Language
Code Sauna: Learning in DevOps 09.04.2021 English
Meet Helsingin IT-talot: Futurice @ Identio Prochat Podcast 18.05.2020 Finnish
Bisnesvallankumous Live 09.05.2020 Finnish 12.09.2019 Finnish
Bisnesvallankumous 12.04.2019 Finnish
Identio Prochat Podcast 28.03.2019 Finnish

Startup Accelerators

"Juhis took the 'buzz' out of MVP and gave me inspiration to get started right away. He was a treasure trove of information. Best speaker so far imo!"

participant in MVP workshop
Title Event Date
1on1 Mentoring Boost Turku Startup Journey 20.07.2021
Minimum Viable Product Boost Turku Startup Journey pre-accelerator 20.04.2021
Minimum Viable Product Hatch Incubator 19.10.2020
How to build engaging communities Growth Talks by LaureaES 14.10.2020
Community Building keynote Boost Startup Journey 27.7.2020
Mentoring Hack the Crisis Finland 20.-22.03.2020
Minimum Viable Product Cambridge Venture Camp 11.03.2020
Coach Startup Weekend Helsinki 24.-26.1.2020
Minimum Viable Product Hatch Incubator 13.11.2019
Master Class: Minimum Viable Product *ship Startup Festival 02.08.2019
Minimum Viable Product Cambridge Venture Camp 29.03.2019
Jury US Ambassador's Entrepreneurial Challenge 14.12.2018
Minimum Viable Product Cambridge Venture Camp 15.11.2018
Minimum Viable Product Hatch Incubator 16.10.2018
1on1 coaching Startup Journey 17.07.2018
Coach Startup Weekend Turku 14.-15.04.2018
Minimum Viable Product Cambridge Venture Camp 07.03.2018

Live streams

Topic Stream Date
Let's build reusable custom elements with Web Components with Matias codebase 29.06.2021
Let's talk about why PHP is awesome with Larry codebase 25.05.2021
Let's build a bit of web backend in Clojure with Ykä codebase 27.04.2021
Let's build accessible forms with Fotis codebase 23.03.2021