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Full-text RSS feed is an offline-friendly act

My main connection to abroad is crossing the Baltic Sea with a boat. A boat ride from Turku to Stockholm takes roughly 10-12 hours and a boat ride from Helsinki to Travemünde takes a bit over 30 hours. Once I’m on land, I travel with trains.

Last year, when I went to Prague for PyCon CZ, I clocked over 80 hours in public transportation for my round trip.

That’s a lot of time in places where the only game is the waiting game (unless you run into lovely people who play board games with you!) and for me, that means reading. A lot of reading.

There are two schools of thought in RSS world: one to offer the full post in the feed so it can be directly read in the feed reader and another to only offer an excerpt (or even just title) so the reader needs to navigate to your blog and read it there.

Please, make your posts fully available through RSS ❤️

An excerpt-only feed is unreadable when there is no Internet access.

I use an RSS reader (lire) that downloads the posts for offline read. So when I travel, I can read all my favourite blogs if they offer the full post.

I do understand and respect the reasons people might have for keeping their feeds short and wanting to drive traffic to their site but I do ask kindly: please consider the readers who might enjoy your writing when they do not have access to the Internet.

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