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Blog posts in category “Minimalism”

My experiences with attempting to live a more intentional life, with less stuff.

  • Jul 6th, 2018
    City Bound Nomadic

    In the near future (say, within the next 5 years), I want to explore the possibilities of a digital nomad lifestyle. Working independently of location and time is a compelling idea and having followed digital nomads in blogs and Youtube and Instagram for quite a while, I’d definitely love to give it a try. Seeing the world, learning about new cultures and being able to experience the wonders that the world has to offer — sounds good, right?

  • Jun 29th, 2018
    The Reset Button

    Look around you. Of all your things, how many of them were a result of a thought-out process? And how many are just a result of an accumulation that started when you were a teenager?

  • Jun 22nd, 2018
    The Cost of a Purchase

    Last week I had an interesting conversation with a friend. We started talking about minimalism and getting rid of excess stuff as she was moving to a new apartment. The long-winding discussion led to a topic of how I have changed my perception of the cost of things. Back in the day I was mostly measuring everything by their monetary value - do I have enough euros or dollars in my bank account to make this purchase.

  • Jun 15th, 2018
    Space has a Tendency to Fill Itself

    An average US household has 300,000 items. I would argue that it’s a lot. But looking at my own childhood in Finland, it’s actually not surprising. We tend to gather a lot of stuff. And there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for it - space has a tendency to fill itself.

  • Jun 8th, 2018
    What living a minimalistic life has taught me

    About a year ago I learned about minimalism from Youtube videos and the two dudes who call themselves the minimalists. In the end of June last year, I wrote a blog post about the first steps in my journey. After having a fruitful discussion about the topic with a friend on Wednesday, I decided to write a follow-up based on my experience and learnings from the past year.

  • Jun 8th, 2018
    Beginning of a Journey

    My journey as a minimalist started a year ago. For quite a while I had been a fan of the Tiny House movement and sometime last summer I ended up watching Youtube videos about minimalism and quickly found out about The Minimalists.

  • Jun 30th, 2017
    Intentional and multifunctional - How I got rid of most of my belongings

    I have a background as a hoarder. I lived my childhood in a big suburban home and we threw away almost nothing. As I moved to smaller and smaller apartments, I started seeing the problems with the amount of my stuff. First, I imagined the problem was just bad organizing or dull and stupid floor plans. But eventually I realized the problem was my huge piles of junk.