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Blog posts in category “Livestream”

  • Oct 20th, 2022
    Upcoming live stream: first look at Rocket Oct 22nd

    Join me as I take a look at Rocket and do my first dev livestream in a long time.

  • Jul 14th, 2021
    codebase ep. 4: Web Components with Matias

    Web Components provide an API that allows you to write custom HTML tags with custom functionality. Matias Huhta joined me in codebase to talk about them and live code examples for how to get started with Web Components.

  • Jun 9th, 2021
    codebase ep. 3: PHP with Larry

    In the third episode of codebase, I sat down with Larry Garfield who has over 20 years of experience with PHP. We discussed the history and the future of the language and learned so much about how PHP has evolved.

  • May 12th, 2021
    codebase ep. 2: Clojure with Ykä

    In the second episode of codebase, I sat down with Ykä to talk about and live code a bit of web backend with Clojure. Here's a recap of what we discussed.

  • Apr 14th, 2021
    Introducing developer community show codebase

    codebase is a new developer community show on Youtube. It's a celebration of the variety of different technologies and developers working with them. In the first episode, I sat down with Fotis to talk about accessibility in web.