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  • Apr 24th, 2024
    The Future of Jamstack panel discussion

    We had a great discussion about the future of Jamstack community with Mike, Benedicte, Sean and Miriam.

  • Apr 3rd, 2024
    Sharing podcast episodes is weird

    Podcasts operate on top of open RSS but trying to share an episode with a friend is just a weird and bad experience. In a radically better world, it wouldn’t have to be.

  • Mar 24th, 2024
    I had a chat about personal web at The Future of Jamstack

    Mike invited me to chat with him about Jamstack, personal web and building cool stuff in the web.

  • Jan 25th, 2024
    Python Bytes featured Syntax Error

    In the episode 368 of Python Bytes, Brian talks about my January newsletter issue of Syntax Error.

  • Apr 8th, 2020
    8 tech podcasts I listen

    Podcasts are a great source of learning and staying up to date on what's happening in tech. I listen to a bunch of them during my commute or when taking a walk. Here are the podcasts aimed towards software developers that I listen to.