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Blogrolls are lists of other blogs that bloggers recommend to their readers.

In my blogroll, I've collected blogs that I follow actively and who write about similar topics than I do: technology, community, blogging and indie web. If you enjoy my stories (and are a developer), you're likely to enjoy these as well.

  • Alvin is a developer advocate and frontend developer who writes about DevRel topics as well as technical articles for developers.

  • Amos is a developer who mainly writes about Rust topics. His blog and Advent of Code solutions were crucial to me few years ago when I started learning Rust.

  • Ana is a web developer and speaker whose writing and talks I find really enjoyable to read. Her blog is a combination of technical and personal articles.

  • Cassidy is a developer/CTO who runs a weekly newsletter and writes blog posts about web development topics.

  • Chris writes a lot about stuff. And those posts are really good, educational and entertaining. Technology, blogging, life are the main topics you find there.

  • Accessibility and Android development are in Eevis' wheelhouse and if you're interested in those topics, you should check out her blog.

  • Flamed Fury writes indie web, Internet and blogging.

  • Harry's blog is full of great CSS knowledge.

  • Hidde's blog is one of my go-to blogs when I'm looking to read and learn more about accessibility.

  • James is a technical writer who I found during his 2023 Advent of Technical Writing. He's a very profilic blogger, publishing even multiple posts per day on topics like technical writing and building things on the web.

  • Josh has very high quality blog posts (and courses) about Javascript and CSS. His posts have great production value: the examples are well-thought and balanced and his custom tech helps elevate those posts.

  • Lars writes about all things Elixir.

  • Rust, Linux and general software development posts.

  • Lea's technical presentations were what got me interested in doing public speaking and her blog has such insightful articles about web development.

  • Lewis writes about technology and bikes and his writing is real good.

  • Lucia is a great frontend developer and a good friend who writes about frontend web development.

  • Manuel writes about blogging, open/indie web and runs a great People & Blogs newsletter as part of his blog.

  • When I grow up, I wish to get as good at writing as Mara. She mostly writes about Rust and combines deep technical content with great writing and storytelling.

  • Morten writes beautiful, longer and very thoughtful pieces about the world around us. His blog post on ephemerality of social media a few years ago had a major impact in how I see blogs and personal websites.

  • Niko is a software craftsperson who writes about life and work of a software developer. He's an advocate of pair/ensemble programming and building quality software.

  • Don't get distracted by the beautiful colors of her blog. Rach's writing is great and always an enjoyable experience. Development and tech stuff combined with life and parenthood.

  • Robb has good posts about web development, indie/open web and blogging.

  • Salma's blog is full of very practical and well explained tech snippets and projects, mostly about building things on the web.

  • Sara writes about accessibility, HTML, CSS and SVG.

  • Sia's web performance content is top notch!

  • Web development, design and life are the main topics of Stephanie's great blog.

  • Zach is the creator of my favorite static site generator Eleventy. He writes about that but also related topics like Jamstack, and Web Components.

  • Zoe is a developer who writes about different aspects of software development (with a bit of Warhammer sprinkled in).

I'm actively working to make this a more full-fledged blog roll, this is the version 0.1. In the future, I'd like to bring more context and their latest blog post.