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Indie Web Carnival May 2024: Creative environments

I’m hosting the next Indie Web Carnival edition in May 2024. The topic of the month is creative environments and if that intrigues you, continue reading! This is my first time hosting and I’m very excited, thank you foreverliketh.is for encouraging me to host.

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What is Indie Web Carnival?

Indie Web Carnival is a monthly blogging event in the Indie Web community where each month a different person hosts the month: they select a topic, collect submissions and write a roundup post at the end.

For an individual blogger, it’s a great opportunity to write more and explore topics you might not otherwise explore. It’s also a great way to find new bloggers and expand your views on topics as you get to read other people’s writing on the same topic that you just did.

Whether you are an active blogger or not, I invite you to join. Maybe this is the prompt that gets you back to your writing practice to write and publish more.

How to participate?

You can participate by writing (or recording) and publishing your thoughts about the topic and sharing a link with me. At the end of the month, I’ll collect all the submissions into a wrap-up post and you get to learn what other people around the globe think about the topic.

Your piece should be published in May 2024 and shared with me at latest Friday, May 31st.

The format can be anything that’s shareable and accessible in the open web: blog posts, videos, podcasts, poems, short stories, illustrations, photos, you name it.

To submit your piece, you can:

The topic: Creative environments

I invite you to share your thoughts, experiences and what ever ideas pop to your mind about creative environments. I have left the topic intentionally bit vague. If it doesn’t immediately give you an idea, maybe some of these prompts could help you:

What kind of environments you create in and what works for you or what you’d like to improve. Has things changed lately? If yes, was it intentional or forced and how has it affected your creative energy?

Do different creative efforts benefit from or even require a different environment? How does different time of the day, month, year or season play into the question?

You could also share stories from environments that you deem creative either themselves or the way they are created.

Or you can interpret in a different way that I didn’t even consider when choosing the topic. World is your oyster.

I would love to hear what you consider creativity and what kind of effect do different environments have on it.


Here's an updating list of the wonderful submissions by people, in order of submission

  1. IndieWeb Carnival: Ambienti Creativi by Andrea Contino
  2. IndieWeb Carnival: Natural creativity by Manuel Moreale
  3. Creative environments by Chris
  4. IndieWeb Carnival May 2024: What is Creativity and How to be Creative by Sara Jakša
  5. About my studio by Paul Watson
  6. Leveraging Restriction - Creative Environments by Kimberly
  7. Creative environments by Martín Morales
  8. The nook of creativity by Juha-Matti Santala
  9. I want my creative environment back by Feadin
  10. The Creative Space Inside by Andrei
  11. Music as a creative environment by Venkatram Harish Belvadi
  12. Creative Environments by Steve
  13. Creative Environments by Barry Hess
  14. Creative Environments by Jon Romo
  15. My muses' strikes are unpredictable by Mel Syreth
  16. I like it when I can close the door by Bob van Vliet
  17. Creative Environments by Robert Birming
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