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Bloggers I read: Friday

I follow over a 100 tech blogs in my RSS reader actively and this week I’ve picked ~25 of my favorites to share with you. The blogs are not in any particular order neither by day nor within a single day. As we head over to the weekend, it’s day four of this miniseries.

Morten Rand-Hendriksen

I think it was Morten’s great blog post Blogging is dead. Long live ephemerality. a few years back that caught my attention. It gave me a major push to focus on sharing my stuff mainly on my website and only additionally on social medias. Around the same time, his Christmas Crimes playlist became a Christmas favorite of mine. That’s why I’ve been reading Morten’s writings ever since.

Rach Smith

I really enjoy Rach’s style of writing. Her blog is a combination of technical writing and interesting pieces on her personal experiences of worklife, parenthood, well-being and productivity. One of her tech posts that I want to highlight is Reading code is a different experience to writing code.

Niko Heikkilä

Niko is a software craftsperson with a capital C. He’s passionate about testing, pair/mob programming and building great solutions to real life problems. I got to work with Niko for a good few years and although I didn’t get a chance to be in a same team and learn from him through that, I was always excited to read his well argumented discussion points on these topics.

Lucia Nazzaro

Lucia is wonderful and amazing human being and a great developer and teammate. And she’s recently started writing these great blog posts on frontend web topics. These posts, like Performance optimization with useMemo, are full of well-researched details, pointers and experiences from other people’s blogs and talks and they are written in such upbeat positive tone that I can’t help but to truly enjoy every time Lucia’s blog post hits my RSS feed.

Josh W. Comeau

Josh’s guide An Interactive Guide to Flexbox is one that truly elevated my understanding and practical skills with flexbox to a whole new level. After reading the guide - which is filled with amazing custom tech like his interactive examples - I gained a lot of confidence with flexbox and have been building so many better things on my projects than I used to.

His CSS for Javascript Developers web course has been on my backlog since its launch and I’m waiting for the right moment and mindset when I can dive deep into its contents.


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