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Bloggers I read: Saturday

I follow over a 100 tech blogs in my RSS reader actively and this week I’ve picked ~25 of my favorites to share with you. The blogs are not in any particular order neither by day nor within a single day. Today I wrap up with the last batch of bloggers!

Zach Leatherman

This entire website and blog would be way less fun to build and maintain if it wasn’t for Zach. He’s the creator of arguably the best static site generator, Eleventy that I use for not only this site but pretty much all my projects these days.

Zach is great at communicating what’s happening in the Eleventy project and writes really nice articles about different facets of web development.

Lars Wirzenius

Lars has been around the block in the development world quite a bit. He writes really good technical blog posts, these days mostly about Rust related topics. There’s this recent one on building CLI interfaces with clap but also stories from the industry like this one published in LWN.net about (the very) early days of Linux.

Juho Lehtinen

Juho’s blog is by far the newest one on this list as he started this month. He’s been doing a lot of interesting things and I’ve been trying to encourage him to start a blog and he finally did! It’s still in its early days but I can’t wait to read more about Juho’s ADHD Reader Chrome extension or his other projects.

Harry Roberts

Harry’s domain, CSSWizardry.com does justice to his vast skill set in building performant websites and helping others do the same. I’ve learned so much from him over the years on CSS and then more recently on performance.

Whenever I’m in need for tips for those issues, I first check Harry’s site and then search the web only as a secondary option if I can’t find what I need from the blog.

He has the knack for writing concise technical explanations that still cover all the necessary bits and have good code examples that focus on the thing at hand.


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