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Bloggers I read: Thursday

I follow over a 100 tech blogs in my RSS reader actively and this week I’ve picked ~25 of my favorites to share with you. The blogs are not in any particular order neither by day nor within a single day. It’s day 3 and we’re in the middle group.

Sia Karamalegos

Sia is a co-organizer of the fantastic Eleventy meetup and a great blogger in the web dev space. She has amazing articles in her blog about web performance and if you’re building anything frontend web related, you should head over there to read them after finishing with this article.

Jesse Skinner

Jesse is a tech blogger and Youtuber who has a great variety of web development related blog posts and videos. One of my favorites is his in-depth story of debugging a slow web app for a client.

He is also the author of Joy of Svelte online course (that I have not bought, so can’t give a review of that) that teaches you a lot of Svelte from basics to practical production use.

Hidde de Vries

Hidde’s blog is one of my go-to places for really good accessibility and CSS blog posts. In addition to his blog, he also actively shares great learnings and bits of information in Mastodon.

One thing that truly sets his blog posts apart from the huge mass of content online is the depth and quality of each one of them. He’s very detailed with the technical details while writing in a way that flows nicely and is easy and enjoyable to read.

Floor Drees

Floor is awesome. Do I need to say more? Maybe I’ll say a bit more. She’s involved in a lot of great developer communities in Netherlands organizing events like Devopsdays Amsterdam and Devopsdays Eindhoven and seems to be on every great tech podcast and publication I follow. I’m also very happy to know Floor outside just the Internet as well and every time I meet her, I get super inspired by all things dev community.

Eeva-Jonna Panula

Continuing on the accessibility topic, Eevis writes and speaks about the topic in relation to web development and Android development. I’ve had the privilege to learn from Eevis as a colleague and a meetup organizer and every time her new blog post appears in my RSS feed, I know I have an opportunity to learn and become a better software developer.


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