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Bloggers I read: Tuesday

I follow over a 100 tech blogs in my RSS reader actively and this week I’ve picked ~25 of my favorites to share with you over the next 5 days. The blogs are not in any particular order neither by day nor within a single day.

Cassidy Williams

Screenshot of Cassidy Williams’s website at

Let’s start with Cassidy Wlliams who creates and shares a ton of great web development related stuff. She has a blog in DEV where she writes about web development, technology in general and has great posts about static site generators.

In addition to that, Cassidy also runs a weekly newsletter where she shares links to great things in the web and has jokes!

You should also head out to her main page at https://cassidoo.co/ and hover your mouse over the links. That’s a true RGB experience for you!

Alvin Bryan

Screenshot of Alvin Bryan’s website at alvin.codes

Alvin is your friendly neighborhood developer advocate from Contentful. He has written recently quite a few bits from the DevRel perspective that are great reading for anyone interested in getting into that field but in general you can find really well-written pieces about all sorts of things of life of a software developer.

Salma Alam-Naylor

Screenshot of Ssalma Alam-Naylor’s website at

Salma is a developer educator who creates amazing stuff both in written and video format about web development topics. She regularly streams on Twitch and publishes blog posts that are very high quality, often step-by-step documented tutorials for how to get things done.

For example, her tutorial to dark mode toggles was a bit inspiration as I have been building my own version for this website.

Amos Wenger

Screenshot of Amos Wenger’s website at fasterthanli.me

I originally found Amos because of his great Rust solutions and explanations of Advent of Code coding puzzles when I was learning Rust. He writes interesting and well-written articles (mostly about Rust) and has some longer-form serial content worthy of checking out.

Mara Bos

Mara is very active member in the Rust community and one my favorite bloggers in general. The style and quality of her writing is something I aspire to reach. She’s excellent at explaining very technical details in an understandable way but also she has the talent to mix it with fun and whimsical writing in a perfect balance.

One of the great examples of that is a super in-depth technical exploration of Converting Integers to Floats Using Hyperfocus where you can find pieces like this:

While I was sitting there, struggling for hours banging virtual rocks together to light a spark to make a campfire, Rustc was just sitting there with a lighter in its pocket. “Hey you never asked,” Rustc laughed, “I figured you were just having fun.”


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