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Bloggers I read: Wednesday

I follow over a 100 tech blogs in my RSS reader actively and this week I’ve picked ~25 of my favorites to share with you. The blogs are not in any particular order neither by day nor within a single day. I started yesterday with the first 5 and today is the second batch!

Lea Verou

I first discovered Lea through her talk “More CSS Secrets: Another 10 things you may not know about CSS” at W3Conf 2013 and was truly blown away by her setup: slides including editable CSS that changed examples on the slides themself.

Throughout these nearly 10 years, I’ve learned so much from her through her CSS talks and her blog. Both about the technical content itself but also about writing, presenting and building presentations.

Her work also powers this website as she’s the author of the code highlight library Prism.js.

Chris Coyier

Chris is the co-founder of CodePen, a service that I like a lot but don’t use nearly enough for my own good, and the original author of CSS-Tricks.com which has been instrumental in my web development learning journey throughout years.

I love Chris’s quote on his about page:

Write the article you wish you found when you googled something.

That’s a mindset that I try to always remind myself of.

Chris writes a near-daily blog about things in his life, including great tech posts.

Sara Soueidan

Whenever I want to become better at dealing with SVG, I find myself browsing through Sara’s website, listening to her visits to podcasts or searching for her talks in Youtube.

She has a great technical blog where she focuses on accessible web, CSS and SVG. I’ve also found a lot of joy and inspiration through her writings at The Desk which is for her non-technical writing.

Lars Wikman

Lars is one of the most recent new additions to my RSS feed. He writes about Elixir, Erlang and Phoenix and it’s been a great place for me to dive into a completely new language ecosystem for me.

I originally found Lars through his Youtube channel where he has different types of videos from technical discussions to vlog-style content.

Stephanie Stimac

Stephanie is a designer and frontend developer and the author of Design for Developers book from who I’ve learned a lot about things that I’m at my weakest when it comes to web development.

She’s (or at least was, I’m not sure how active this project is these days) also involved in The Web We Want initiative that collects feedback about the current state of the web.

I also enjoy her non-technical blog posts because they often touch on topics that I’m interested in or going through on some level and I like to read about other people’s experiences on those.


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