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I built a Firefox extension for Pokemon TCG players

Pokemon TCG card viewer is a browser extension for Firefox that allows users to see the images of Pokemon TCG cards when hovering over PTCGO codes on sites like Youtube, Discord or blogs and forums like Pokebeach.

A very common way to share Pokemon TCG deck lists is to export them from Pokemon TCG Online, Pokemon TCG Live or other tools like LimitlessTCG. These are then often shared online on forums, Youtube video descriptions and Discord servers of people playing the game.

Here's what a (shortened) deck list looks like:

* 2 Blissey V CRE 119
* 3 Cramorant V SHF 54
* 1 Charmander PGO 8
* 1 Charmeleon PGO 9

It's a nice and easy format for sharing but if we look at something like Expanded format (for which this list excerpt is from), there are 15 different Charmanders. And who really remembers what the Cramorant V does exactly?

So just looking at this list, it's hard to visualize what the individual cards do and which version of a card this exact set and number points to.

Introducing Pokemon TCG card viewer

Luckily, nobody has to guess or dig their memory anymore. Installing the extension and clicking the button now provides the card image when hovering over the code (like SHF 54 in above example) or when focusing on it with a keyboard navigation.

Pokemon TCG decklist in the background with Cramorant V card on top of the content as mouse hovers over Cramorant's code in the list

So head over to addons.mozilla.org to install the extension and let me know what you think! Best ways to do that is either leaving a review, filing an issue or tweeting at me.

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