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I'm speaking in Django Day Copenhagen 2022 in April

I'm so excited to return to in-person tech conferences after such a long time. We were able to run a few meetups in the short period of time last October & November when pandemic situation seemed to ease out for a moment. However, it's been since November 2019 and PyCon Sweden that I've been on a bigger conference in person.

I'm especially excited to get back to the stage with Django Day Copenhagen. I spoke in the event remotely in 2020 (see my talk about Contemporary Documentation here) and really enjoyed the small interactions I had with the community and have been looking forward to an opportunity to take the train south and visit Copenhagen.

Debugging Django, talk by Juha-Matti Santala. No matter if you’re a junior developer just starting your career or a seasoned senior, you’ll run into moments when the software isn’t doing what you’re telling it to do. How you approach the situation when it happens will have a huge impact on your productivity, so in this talk I’ll walk you through both technical tools and solutions as well as some valuable non-technical approaches.

On April 8th, 2022 the event is organized again in-person and I'll be there speaking on the topic of Debugging Django.

Debugging is one of my favorite parts of software development even though it's most often done under a bit of stress and anxiety since it happens when things go wrong. I've been helping out a lot of people from juniors in programming workshops to seniors at work to debug and to put into good use a set of processes and tools to make debugging more effective and enjoyable.

I'll be sharing my tips on debugging in general and some tools for debugging specifically Django in Django Day Copenhagen on April 8th, 2022. Check out the event website for tickets if you're interested in joining this great event or if you're a developer in Copenhagen who'd like to meet and grab a drink or eat cake and play board games during that weekend, let me know via Twitter DMs, email (juhamattisantala, gmail, com) or in the Django Danmark Zulip platform if you're part of that community. I'm always eager to meet new people, to discuss technology and to have a good time.

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