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Join us at Future Frontend 2024

Future Frontend 2024 will be organized in Paasitorni, Helsinki June 13-14!

Last year, we pivoted from React Finland conferences to a slightly different topic and ran a successful first Future Frontend conference. This year, we’re coming back with the second edition and I’m very excited for what’s to come.

I wrote about last year’s event in my blog last summer if you want to see what that one was like.

All photos are from Future Frontend 2023.

Summer days that never end

A row of tables on a terrace of a pub, full of people having drinks.

If you’ve never been to Finland during summer, you’re missing out. It’s a beautiful time to be around as the sun barely sets at all during the night. You can spend the day time in the conference learning what’s the newest trends in frontend world and the evenings with conference buddies (or by yourself) exploring the beautiful Helsinki.

Conference program

To quote our official blog post, here’s this year’s conference in a nutshell:

  • Held 13.-14.6 at Paasitorni, Helsinki, Finland
  • Workshops take place 11.-12.6
  • Conference days are organized into eight themed sessions with two speakers per each within a single track
  • Our themes include compilers, artificial intelligence, design, ui/design/edge, green computing, standardization, user interaction, and demonstrations
  • Each session takes 1.5h and it is up to the speaker pair to make most out of it. The benefit of the arrangement is that often the viewpoints can complement each other while giving good ways for audience to interact through QAs and improvized panels.
  • The single track format gives uniform experience to all and we have taken care to include ample breaks so you have time to network and reflect
  • To end the week, we organize and afterparty (included to the conference ticket price). Usually local companies run their own meetups and happenings during the conference week on top of this.

Our international speaker line-up is fantastic one too. Last year, my favorite talk was Stephanie Nemeth’s Hacking meaningful connections with humans by talking to (toy) rodents and she’s coming back this year too. Yulia Startsev is a fantastic developer and speaker who I’m excited to see in the conference this year. I don’t know if Ben Holmes will bring his whiteboard on the stage but regardless, I can’t wait to see what kind of inspirational stuff he brings to the event. For those into design systems, we have a treat as Thaís Santos returns to Future Frontend stage this summer.

Tero, Stephanie and Jani sitting behind a wooden desk that has a clock in the front face. Stephanie is holding a microphone while Tero and Jani are wearing headset mics.

The two main conference days are split into topical sessions with a couple of talks and a shared Q&A session with the speakers.

What I really like about the event though is our community. We have lovely people join these conferences from around the world and I invite you to be part of that community.

The tickets to the conference is 499 eur with workshops ranging from 99 eur to 299 eur each.

See you in Helsinki next June!

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