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Python Bytes featured Syntax Error

Screenshot of a Youtube video player showing Michael and Brian in a video call on the left and a web browser on the right with the page for Syntax Error #11: Debugging Python open.

I woke up yesterday with my phone full of notifications from different people. It turns out, the wonderful duo of Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken from Python Bytes had decided to talk about my most recent Syntax Error newsletter issue Debugging Python.

I’m awestruck. I absolutely love Python Bytes as it’s such a great podcast to learn about new stuff and different tools and libraries and events in the Python world in a bite-sized format. And to have one my own creations as one of those things to learn about is just wonderful.

I recommend watching/listening the entire episode and subscribing to their podcast.

Big thanks to Michael and Brian for featuring my work. You truly made my day and week.

Syntax Error

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