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The Future of Jamstack panel discussion

Earlier this month we had a fantastic panel discussion about the future of the Jamstack community. It was a follow up discussion to the one I had 1on1 with Mike earlier. In addition to Mike and myself, we had Benedicte Raae, Sean C. Davis and Miriam Schwab who are all fantastic people.

During the 1-hour discussion, we talked about a variety of interesting topics and I think we had a good variety of opinions and experiences in the group.

Over the years, Jamstack has expanded from its origins and the definitions have become muddled. Even the term itself, which started with a strong JAM acronym (for Javascript, APIs and Markup) and has since become bit less acronymized Jamstack. In the panel discussion we talked about quite a lot about what Jamstack should be and for whom.

We also talked about the underlying reasons for the community to exist, the values it should be (re-)built upon and how to foster a great community.

If you’re interested in Jamstack, static site generators, web development, personal/small/indie web or anything related to them, I recommend listening to our discussion and checking out all the other chats and panel discussions Mike have done over the past months at The Future of Jamstack. Lots of really good gems out there.

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