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I got my hands on the finished product (Potluck)

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The mail arrived and with it, the physical cards for my Potluck deck. As someone who has always mainly worked on digital products, there's a magical feeling when you get to physically touch and tinker with your own creation.

A deck with a few cards fanned out face-down, showing a dark blue background with white logo saying Potluck. Below them, five white cards face up showing numbers 1, 11, 21, 31 and 71 and a variety of other elements in the cards.  Below them, a single card listing a bunch of games and credits for the project.

Potluck is so far the best project of its kind that I've made and I'm so happy by how it turned out. Compared to the older version (Project 108), I can immediately feel the improvements when just playing around with the cards.

Cards numbered 79 through 85 fanned in a way that only top left corner shows a number in white on a black circle.

The inconsistently running numbering on the top left corner was one of the biggest mistakes of the previous one and I'm so happy I got that fixed and every card has a number now on the top left, making it easier to find the right card.

On the left, card numbered 6 right way up and on the right card numbered 9 upside down. The font has drop shadow to the bottom right so numbers are distinguishable.

I think the font in the middle is a big improvement too. It's slightly smaller but with the black outline and shadow, I feel it's more legible (and it's no longer possible to mistake 6 for 9 or 69 for 96).

On left, card numbered 70 with Onitama frog pattern, text "$12,000" and three bull heads. On right, card numbered 39 with barely visible grey footprint, text "Thief: Steal 1 from each adjacent player" and 1 bullhead

I added quite a few games and made improvements for games that were already playable with the old one. For example, above numbers up to 42 there are small footprints on a very light grey color: meant to be unnoticeable unless you need them as a reminder when playing Fugitive. I was bit worried how that would turn out in the print compared to how it looked like on the screen but it came out brilliant.

With new additions of games, like Onitama movement grids, I was able to also balance the cards and get most of out the deck. The last project had a lot of cards that almost only served the purpose of the card number and now that's no longer the case. There's an added 4 suits of playing cards and other than a very few cards at the higher up numbers, most cards have at least 4 different elements for different games.

As a bonus, I ordered an experimental side accessory for the project that hasn't arrived yet. To play Onitama, you need a 5x5 grid, so I created one and ordered a mousepad with custom image from a local photo shop. Once it arrives, I'll share how it looks and works like.

I can now finally retire my older project into my project hall of fame and replace it in my backpack with Potluck. And I get to showcase the actual cards instead of just the website when I talk to people about it.

A few people have asked how they could get their hands on some. I don't know yet. I might release the files with a Creative Commons license but before that I'd need to do a few things and haven't quite decided yet if I'll publish them.

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